Sales tax going up | Shop Small | Shop Local | Say NO to the Big Box Stores

I want to suggest you get your shopping done before the end of this month… Why? because sales tax is going from 8.75 to 9.25 beginning July 1st! Shopping in your city is a good thing because it creates all that tax revenue for the town you buy your goods in…. all that tax $ goes to police, roads & parks and the betterment of your town. So yes it’s very important to shop local….

That said, have you ever stopped to consider the benefit of shopping small?  When you shop at a small business’ like mine  (SCV Vitamins & Wellness)  or Pro Beauty Lounge, the proceeds will actually go back into the community. Because I work and LIVE here any money I make gets recycled back into the other small businesses and keeps the money flow going. When you shop at say Walmart do you think the owners are spending their money HERE?? My best guess is that the top CEO’s of these big box stores are enjoying many homes around the world, so they aren’t even spending all that dough in the US much less Calif. much less the SCV…. Just food for thought…

Have a great, safe and happy holiday …..

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