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Phosphatidylserine …. say that a few times fast!! I’m sure that’s why most companies that sell it just put PS on the label. This little discovery of mine has proven to be quite interesting! There are so many benefits… It’s naturally occuring in the brain, and like with everything else, as we age the amount of PS declines and so does our brain function…. You’ve heard the expression “senior moment”, well this is what’s happening!

Phosphatidylserine shows benefits for improved focus and reduced stress in clinical trials, which can help to lessen some symptoms linked to ADHD.

It is favored by many parents as an adjunct ADHD treatment for their children, particularly among those who are concerned about side effects of pharmaceutical stimulants used to treat this disorder currently.

PS can also cause a calming effect and can help reduce cortisol so taking it AFTER a workout can be very beneficial!!

So if you’d like more focus, better memory, improved learning, and a sense of calm this may be a great supplement for you!


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