Bone Broth benefits | Healthy skin, hair & nails | Relieve joint pain

Bone brothBone broth is the newest latest and greatest health food product…. However it’s been around since the beginning of time!! Typically it’s made with beef, pig, chicken or even fish bones. Traditionally people use beef or pig feet (eewww) with a little apple cider vinegar and it’s simmered anywhere from 8 to 40 hours.  This is extremely healthy but who has that kind of time?? Here’s a few reasons you may decide it’s worth it:

  • It’s extremely high in protein and amino acids, and in this form VERY digestible! This is how you get strong lean muscles and manage weight!!
  • Very high in collagen which is fabulous for keeping your skin young
  • It has lots of gelatin in it which is what you want for a healthy digestive system, especially if you suffer from leaky gut syndrom
  • Naturally high in glucosamin and chondroitin which helps with the health of your joints by keeping them well lubricated so you DON’T HAVE PAIN!
  • Very abundant in minerals including calcium and magnesium
  • Detoxifying for the body…. which keeps all your organs running efficiently for optimal health

So what do you do you do if you don’t have that kind of time? Well, you buy it at SCV Vitamins & Wellness that’s what …. it comes in chocolate, vanilla and turmeric so you can have it sweet or savory!

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      Regular price is $44.99 but you receive a free book by Dr. Axe which is a $19.99 value!! 😀

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