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As I go through the weeks learning about the different supplements that I may have heard about or even learning¬† about the ones that I hadn’t heard about before I have learned that there are some great, and not so great supplements out there. The newest one to catch my eye is ALA, or Alpha Lipoic Acid….

This one has a ton of benefits, so here’s a little list for ya…

  • ALA can recharge or recycle used vitamins E & C which are your anti oxidants, or anti aging vitamins. They help fight off the free radical scavengers that age us, so this is a very good thing!
  • It also helps your body produce more CoQ10 which is excellent for heart health, and Glutothione which is great for detoxification and great for the health of your liver.
  • It can help regulate blood sugars naturally… if you are already on insulin please advise your doctor but if you are pre-diabetic this could be an easy ticket to NOT having to take the insulin!!
  • ALA also increases the production of ATP which is your energy source, so take ALA just before your sporting event or your workout and feel the difference! It can also increase blood flow without increasing blood pressure to aid in energy during your workouts…
  • I have also read that taking 600mg of ALA with 600mg of benfotimine a day can relieve symptoms of neuropothy … if you have ever had neuropothy you know how painful it is and worth giving this stuff a try!!!
  • One key note: you want to ask for the R-lipoic, the S-lipoic won’t hurt you but it won’t give you the benefits either, so just know they are not all created equal

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